Procell Batteries

Procell Batteries


Procell® is the professional brand of Duracell. It was launched in September 2019 to replace the Industrial by Duracell brand also known as IBD. Developed exclusively for the professional battery market, Procell® products are manufactured using a superior design technique ensuring the highest quality workmanship.

The new batteries from Procell, specific to each type of device, offer optimal performance for both high-consumption and low-consumption devices, thereby extending their lifespan and reducing the frequency of replacement. We are building on this innovation to help our end users save time and money on battery costs and the labour involved in replacing them.

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General Purpose Procell Batteries

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The Procell line of general purpose alkaline batteries were designed by Duracell to last longer in professional devices by reliably meeting the rigors of constant use while providing durability.


  • Reliable and durable power
  • "Quality guarantee" on each battery
  • Designed in collaboration with manufacturers to perform best in professional devices
  • Strict quality standards based on ANSI and IEC recommendations
  • Bulk packaging with date marking on each stack to facilitate inventory management

Procell Intense Power Batteries


The Procell Intense range of alkaline batteries have been specially designed by Duracell to handle the output power requirements of heavy duty professional devices for as long as possible.


  • Up to 30% longer life (compared to previous Procell alkaline batteries) in energy-intensive professional devices
  • "Quality guarantee" on each battery. Strict quality standards based on ANSI and IEC recommendations
  • Bulk packaging with date marking on each stack to facilitate stock management
  • -20⁰C to 54⁰C operating temperature range

Procell Lithium Batteries


The Procell line of lithium batteries have been designed by Duracell specifically to handle high rate discharge for a variety of  applications, in intermittent or continuous discharge.

The CR123 High Power lithium batteries and the 2016, 2025 and 2032 button cells keep this promise.


  • High energy density (3 V)
  • Low and regular self-discharge
  • Strict quality standards based on ANSI and IEC recommendations
  • -20⁰C to 60⁰C operating temperature range

Sector Suitability
General Purpose - Intense - Lithium

We have laid out by sector, which battery range is suitable for the devices within your industry. This will make sure you get the most out of the Procell range of batteries. All Procell® batteries are manufactured using superior cell design ensuring our highest quality cell construction. Their batteries are tested in order to guarantee the highest quality and reliable performance.




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